Thursday, January 17, 2013


Another first call day and another heart attack.  What the heck is going on here?

Awakened this morning by the then 1st call nurse to assist with another heart attack.  You know, for the resources on hand, the logistical challenges in getting care in a foreign country or transport back to the US and the severity of some of the problems we deal with, I think this company and this crew does an incredible job. 

The actions of the doctor and other 1st call nurse probably saved that guy's life.  We got a report from the doctor at his eventual hospital that back that theory up too. 

Busy day on board.  Busy clinic.

I walked up to 11th deck and checked out the area during my afternoon break. There is a Disney cruise ship docked next door. It is interesting. I took some pictures and may try to upload them later. There was also a Costa cruise liner anchored out. I told the doctor that and he asked, "Is it on it's side?"

We are sitting here in Cozumel getting pounded by the waves driven by an oncoming storm.  nothing too serious, but the boat is bouncing and pounding.  We get under way again tonight around 11 and start the voyage back to FLL. I am off tomorrow.  Still have some things I need to do, but nothingto strenuous.  I really like the crew we have right now.  Everyone gets along and works really well together.  Our current LMO is good and teaching me a lot.  There is still so much to learn.    Oh yeah, Anne, I have the information for you. Check Google + for a reply. 

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