Saturday, May 19, 2012



Sent Mom home today.  Took her to Burbank for a flight out.  We miss her already.  She really managed to fit in with us and our routine quite nicely.  Sarah loved how she managed to always have a coffee pot going.  Yup, that is one way to Sarah's heart.  We ate at a 'world famous' peas soup restaurant in Beullton, CA called Split Pea Andersens.  It was on the way.  Won't be going back.  I don't even like split pea soup, but Sarah and Mom do, so we stopped.  It is a thin soup spiced with a lot of what tastes like sage.  It may be world famous, that doesn't mean it is good.

So Mom left and we are sad.

ON a happy note, Happy Birthday Julia.  And a late happy birthday to Colleen.

Other than that today consisted of 8 hours in the truck.  Note to self.  Don't take the truck in to Los Angeles or the surrounding area again.  That world is simply not designed to accommodate Flo.  We almost got stuck in the airport parking garage.

Tomorrow I think we will try to scrape some of the bugs off of the RV.  Should be fun.

We'll miss you mom.  Hurry back.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The orientation goes on...and on...and on.

At my last contract the orientation lasted about 2 hours.  I was then taking patients on my own in the ER. This week long orientation is killing me.  Then they tell me that all staff nurses get an orientation between 9-12 weeks depending on the unit.  GAH!  I don't think I could handle that.  Give me a day...maybe two.  Line me up and I will figure it out.

Another interesting development is the release of a book.

I have an essay in this book.  Yep.  I'm published again.  This time in a real book.  It is non-fiction though, which is still pretty cool as far as I am concerned.  This group of people is amazing and it has been an honor to contribute to this project.  If you are a writer, actor or artist that needs to know about violence for your craft, this book will hook you up.  If you work security, bouncer or other high risk occupation this book might save your life.  If you are simply interested in learning more about the world around this book will open your eyes.  Yep, I am a fan.  My little essay is the least of them.  There is a Kindle version on Amazon, another version for different e-readers on Smashwords and there will be an on demand paperback on createspace in the not too distant future.

Good times.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Another day of orientation.  Tomorrow.....more. 

I do like what I have seen so far, but the ultimate test is how the ideas and plans of administration translate to the floor.  The proof alas, being in the pudding so to speak.

Got an interesting tip on some info that might lead to a neat future job.  Not enough for me to really detail it, but enough for me to make a casual allusion to something that might peak interest and cause you to ...READ ON.  I know...a cliffhanger.  Nothing really, just a marker in case it turns into something neat.

And since I am filling space, an essay I wrote will be appearing in a really cool upcoming book called:  Campfire Tales From Hell.  I'll post more and a link to a place where you can buy it as I can.

More reports as events develop. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


Not much to report today.  First day of orientation.  Several hours in a classroom listening to administrative types talk about mission statements and corporate compliance and privacy and on and on and on.  It is what it is.  I heard that a few times too.  It is what it is. 

While I was doing that Sarah took Nana and the kids and went to the grocery store.  Then they went to Grover Beach and picked up shells and sand dollars. 

I went for a run in the dunes after work.  I went with bare feet in the sand.  I feel like I may get blisters on the bottom of both of my big toes.  We will see.  It is a lot tougher on the legs running in the dunes.  I still need to up my game if I am going to do the Tough Mudder in July. 

Another day of orientation tomorrow and probably even the day after that. 


Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day!

And since I know you will read it...Happy Mother's Day Julia.

Last day off.  Today we drove up to Morro Bay for some fresh seafood.  It was a beautiful day with the sun finally making an appearance on the coast.  Sarah tried clam chowder for the first time.  Also tried oysters for the first time.  And fish tacos.  It was good.  Then we watched a fishing boat come in and clean the fish.  Pelicans, seagulls and a sea lion all enjoyed the scraps.

After that we went for a walk out on Morro Rock.  There was a small beach and some tide pools.  Michael loved the tide pools.  All we really found was some snails and some hermit crabs.  Michael thought it was brilliant and didn't want to leave.  Eventually we had to leave though.  We went home for some coffee. We ended up making sandwiches and random fruit for dinner while we relaxed and watched Animal Planet.  Now to wash the kids and hit the sack for some rack time before work in the morning.  Yaaayyyy, orientation.