Monday, May 18, 2015

Artist Point

Still flying solo here at the old Nickel.  And without adult supervision I can just go crazy and start doing things like calling it the old Nickel.  Yeah, Sarah and the boys can come back any time.  I'm crackin' up here.

To fend off the impending madness, I occasionally go out for an adventure.  Off to the east there is this big old snowy mountain called Mt. Baker.  Let's drive that way again and see if it looks different than last time.

Looks like the opening of The Shining.

I like how the trees mimic the arc of the mountains.

Mt. Shuksan in all its glory.

I keep looking for little tiny climbers

Check out that huge glacier.  Very dangerous place to be, right at the bottom center of that picture.

That is a pretty mountain.  I tried to take a good picture or two on the way up to the parking lot.

I like this one, it's all contrast-y

Reflections of...

I need some education on how to keep the white snowy mountains from blowing out.

I got to the parking lot, just like last time.  The road to Artist Point was still closed, but it looked dry and clear.  So I decided to just go ahead and hike on up for a picture or two. 

Of course, without Sarah there I forgot to bring water, sunscreen, a hat, food or anything like that.  I remembered the zoom lens though.  I really shouldn't be allowed out without adult supervision.

A long, and winding road.

Still plenty of snow up here.

The road looking back.

See, you could just walk right up there...easy.

Mt.Baker peeking up from the other side of the parking lot.

Yeah, still plenty of snow up here.

Seriously...looks like you could just walk right up to the top. 

Table mountain, had to get artsy.  
Trying to stay busy.