Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mama said

So,  Halloween.  Awesome right?  Got the kids costumes, getting them all hyped up.  We even managed to get them to agree to trade their candy haul for a reasonable toy.  Parenting win.

Michael went as Iron Man and Max went as Captain America.  We don't know the local neighborhoods in Yakima.  Well, the ones we do know, we want nothing to do with.  So we decide to do one of those 'Trunk or Treat' thing put on by a nearby town Chamber of Commerce.  When I was a kid nobody went to those.  Why would you?  Half of the fun was in roaming the neighborhood in the dark dressed up so no one could tell it was you. 

It's on.

Michael wanted the facial hair, even behind the mask.

I think Jarvis won't answer unless you have the facial hair.

Max is ready to protect the world.

Lemme see you war face!
No, I mean you WAR FACE!
So pumped up.  We were going to go to Sunnyside, get our trunk on and then get some food. 

It's about a 20 minute drive to Sunnyside.  It's a small community in the lower Yakima Valley.  For some reason it was hard to find a parking space. We found one though and headed out to get some CANDY!

Why are all these people standing in line?

You mean to get into the 'Trunk or Treat'?

And it wraps all the way around to the back of that building?
Uh, nope.  That is like an hour line. 


The kids even agreed.  We would skip the candy collection and just buy them a stinkin' toy.  Man, this wasn't turning out the way we thought.  But, we are nothing if not adaptable.  We hauled back to the car and set out to find this restaurant.  It wasn't easy to find.  Along the way a voicemail pops onto my phone.  It was from two days ago.  It was the hospital I really wanted to spend the next contract with calling to set up an interview.  Two days ago.  About an hour before I interviewed for the next contract.  The contract I signed about 4 hours before I got the voicemail from 2 days ago.

Oh well, there'd be days like this mama said.

We are happy, we have a plan.  Things are going to be fine in Santa Rosa, I'm sure.

Oh yeah, by the way.  Our next contract will be in Santa Rosa, CA.  Any interested readers in the area let us know.

Because I have a wider angle lens.