Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Sarah's parents coming in today. Looks like they are going to stay for a week. Will be crowded, but happy. Michael woke up early this morning, saying, "It feels like a holiday. Papa's coming today." Cute kid.

Out our back window, there is a canal that is dry most of the time. Every three weeks or so, some gate somewhere is opened and water flows about 8 inches deep. The cool thing is that deer roam about back there and it is fun to watch them while sitting at the computer.

It was a good Christmas. Michael noticed that he didn't quite get as many presents on Christmas day as he had expected. I had to tell him that was an unfortunate side effect of having this be his fourth Christmas. One at Sarah's parents, one at the B&B ranch, one with his friend Ace and then finally, Christmas morning. Max got a bucket full of football guys and was happy.