Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15/12 Branson

Tonight we find ourselves back in Branson, MO. We came down to visit my Mother and Sister. Initially we were going to come down and spend the day then drive back home. We decided that was silly and we would stay the night. After spending part of the day in the pool and hot tub, we are spending two nights and heading back then. Ahhhh. The luxury of a hot tub, sauna and pool. Pretty awesome stuff. Plus it will give us more time to spend with family which is always a good thing. We got to catch up with Nicholas again which is great. I always expect him to be a good kid and he consistently proves to be a great kid. We got him a robotic arm for Christmas which requires a TON of assembly. I don't really think he is all that interested in it, but when we arrived he had me help him put some together. I am pretty sure that it was only to make me feel better. Turns out Kerri's boyfriend Curtis likes putting it together and Nicholas stopped me from putting it too far together to save some for him. What an aware, intelligent and mature thing for him to do. Great kid. I will post some pictures both here and to Facebook when we get back home.


Lying in bed this morning. Michael and Max had been awake for a little while. I got home late and neither Sarah, nor I had slept well. Max crawled into bed with us, snuggled up. He kisses Sarah, gives here a hug. "'re the best mommy in the whole world." He leans over, grabs me and with another kiss announces, "Daddy, you are the best daddy in the whole world." There was a one second pause, "Now get up."

Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/12 Snow Day

Woke up this morning to a world covered in white. It doesn't help that I have to work. The kids get all bundled up and head out at the first opportunity. I follow shortly after to get a few things done before I head to work, car cleaned off and warmed up, tanks dumped. I walk back to the door and Max is standing by the picnic table, hat off, hood back with a hand full of snow. He looked up at me with his rosy cheeks and said, "Daddy, snow tastes great!" Michael spoke up from a few feet away, "And I agree with him." Now I go to work.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


We survived the night no worse for the wear. I guess the raccoon did too as it wasn't there today when I ran. Either that or some other woodland creature had a snack. Best outcome either way I suppose.

Went to the Flying Burrito in Fayeteville again today. That place is awesome. Handmade to order fresh burritos the size of a new born baby. Real hard to beat.

Still working on the Adventure Nickel website. It has been years since I had to do any of that sort of thing and it isn't just coming right back to me. Well, the, "Oh crap, this sucks." part is coming right back, the technical knowledge is so far eluding me. Or maybe I am just lazy. Whichever.