Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The dark side of travel nursing

It can't all be good.  You never hear people speak of it really.  Mostly that's because it is too horrible to speak of.  Some things are best shuttled quickly to the back corner of your mind and buried under lock and key.  Yeah, I'm talking about...


Corporate compliance lectures, glucometer training, HIPPA training and their evil cohorts, restraint documentation come flying at you at a glacial pace.  You are required to remain alert THE ENTIRE TIME!  This is the slog I have been wading through...again.  Every three months or so, it is the same thing, the same equipment, the same lectures, heck the same power point presentations sometimes. 

And all the new people.  I spend so much time looking at people's chests I am convinced they think I am a total pervert.  Especially since, as a guy, I am very much in the minority.  I'M LOOKING AT YOUR NAME TAG!  Stop giving me that dirty look.  I didn't wear the low cut blouse and then put my picture and name right next to the cleavage.  Sheesh. 

Oh well.  Tomorrow I get to be out on the floor.  It usually doesn't take too long to convince my preceptor that I'm not going to kill anyone and they can go be productive somewhere.  Preceptors usually like to be productive. 

Back in action.  Let's do this again.