Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lake Anne

We did a hike yesterday.

It was cool enough that I wanted to go hang out at the lodge just to tell everybody about it.

We have been gearing up for this hike in camping trip we have planned later in the month.  We have been acquiring gear and learning skills and so on.  We decided yesterday to go out on a practice hike and test our stuff.  We chose a hike that was a bit of a stretch, but figured we could just turn around early if we wanted.

We didn't want.

The start...all enthusiasm.
The hike starts at a trail head near Artists Point.  It descends 900 feet into a valley and then traverses the valley floor toward a ridge on the other side.

And down we go.

Beautiful day for a hike

Look at all the thimble berry bushes!  Too bad they were all gone.

Hiking the valley floor

There were mushrooms.

He didn't eat it.
Down in the vallllleeeeyyyy, the valley so low.

Just for pretty
Then, after three miles or so of hiking the valley floor, we started up.  900 feet up to the top of the next ridge.

Our target is the low point in the saddle up ahead.

Ankle twisting scree field

Mt. Baker
From halfway up the far ridge looking back to the parking lot

I'll zoom in a bit.  Artist point on the left, table mountain behind it.

It was steeper than it sometimes looks
Finally, we crested the ridge and were rewarded with our first views of Lake Anne.  It was beautiful.

Keep walking a little bit though, and the real views show up.

Mt. Shuksan and the lower Curtis glacier

The roar of the waterfalls cascading of the mountain was awesome.
Michael didn't pause for long, he wanted to get down to the lake and jump in.

Both the kids swam.  I was too busy filtering water and cooking to get in.  Sarah was too.  We didn't have much time.  As it was we were looking at finishing the hike back in the dark. At least we brought headlamps.  Unless, of course, I pack mine away in a weird location and can't find it when I want it. 

Not a bad little picnic spot.

Love that person standing right where the lake drops off to nowhere.

Long hike, hungry kids.

We got our camp stove working, cooked and ate and filtered water for the return trip.  There wasn't really much time to spare.  Tired, but happy, we packed up and headed back the way we came while we eyed the tent campers enviously.  What a gorgeous place to spend a beautiful summer night. 

Lower Curtis glacier with some of the smaller waterfalls

Then it was time to head back.  The light was changing.  I knew we would be back in the wooded area when all the sunset stuff started happening and didn't think we would get much in the way of pictures.  So, after we crossed Swift Creek, I packed the camera away.

Bye Lake Anne!

Going down.  You can see the return destination in the saddle across the valley

Miles to go before we're through.

Scree fields going down too.

I just like this one.

Tough hiking kid.
After I packed the camera away, we hiked on for a bit with the sun dropping fast.  Sarah told me to turn around and look.  I had to pull the camera out one last time.

Then we finished the hike.  8.2 mile round trip, 2200 feet of elevation gain, almost 8.5 hours.  By a six year old and a nine year old carrying their backpacks.  They did it with only minor complaints about being tired.  They never quit and never tried to.  I am so proud of them.

Tired, but happy.