Saturday, March 31, 2012


Interesting day today. I worked a day shift instead of a mid shift. I hate mornings. Sarah took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at a local track and field type stadium. Apparently the event wasn't the most organized or well thought out event. They had different areas cordoned off for different age groups. The organizers were not too strict about keeping those groups separate. There were older kids running around snatching the eggs in the little kids area and then lining up in the other areas and pillaging all the eggs. Max didn't get any eggs in his age group area so he went with Michael into the bigger kid area. With Sarah's help, they each got 4-5 eggs. Then comes the next confusing part, the eggs had paper in them which could be redeemed for a special prize. Or you could turn in your hard boiled egg for a prize. They had lines for paper with one marking, another for a different marking and then one to exchange hard boiled eggs for something. Turns out it was for the individually wrapped pre made pies like you could buy in a convenience store. Or a snack cake...again, like you get at a convenience store. There were a bunch of kids that didn't get anything in their baskets because of the bigger kids who took all of the eggs. Michael and Max ran across a young kid with nothing in his basket. Of their own volition, they each took one egg from their basket and gave it to the other kid. I love my guys.

Monday, March 26, 2012


We pressed on through the day until dinner. This was tonight's dinner.
We did get to the marshmallows, but we were too busy cooking and eating to take pictures. Maybe next time.


Rough morning with the kids. Some days it seems no matter what you do or how nice you initially start out trying to be, it is going to go South. Oh well. Been busy working, visiting with family and writing on a project so I haven't been updating a ton here. I am trying to improve the Adventure Nickel site over the next week or two in anticipation of a mild uptick in viewers possible in the next few months. Heck, I have even tried to enlist the help of my sister with design if she gets bored. Bored...HA! These days that is like having extra money. Have you ever had extra money? Money that you just don't have any use for? Yeah, me neither. I'll try to keep up more. I am thinking about great stuff to put here and I have at least ten writing projects in my head. Just have to figure out how to get them out.