Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New job, new park.

I started orientation for the new job. This is one of things that goes on the 'con' list for travel nursing. I don't care who you are, a two hour video on corporate compliance is NOT fun. Hours in front of a computer filling out forms and testing over policy and procedure manuals that are all really similar. Oh well, small price.

We have landed in a new RV park as well. The park is physically set up with almost a cul-de-sac in the back. We are there with the rest of the longer term people. Some of whom are here every year and some who have been here for a year or more. It is quite a friendly and very socially active group. Much different than the park in P-Bluff. Very not used to this. One of the families is a younger couple with a 3 year old son. They seem really nice and our boys all get along well. That is definitely a plus.

The park has a private fish pond where Michael caught his first fish. He was very excited. Then the neighbor boy showed up and Michael forgot all about it. The attention span of a 4-year old.

I am still struggling with the switch to waking up at 0530-0600 every morning and commuting through traffic again. Don't miss that at all. I also scratched my eye over the weekend and appear to have developed a minor infection. Waking up with a crusty, gummy, glued shut eye every morning is no fun either. It also makes the computer testing and course work even more fun. Again...oh well.

Life is good.