Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Seems like everything breaks at once.  There is a leak in the power steering of the truck somewhere.  Thanks to the Duramax forums, I am pretty sure that it is just a hose.  Still, needs to be fixed.  Also, there are a couple of things with the RV we need to get checked out.  The roof is bubbling near the front enough that I am concerned.  One of the cables that pulls a slide out in is frayed and near breaking.  There is a soft spot in a floor and there may be trouble with another slide.  I could fix most of this myself, but there is 1 month left on the warranty.  I have already talked to Open Range and I have to haul it to Ventura to get it in somewhere.  So, that needs to be done.  The computer is not booting correctly and requires several attempts to get it started each time.  The camera lens zoom is sticking intermittently.  The car's paint needs cleaning and touching up.  I should be writing something or updating the website.  The list goes on. 

So today we went to the beach.

Yeah, it is a special kind of neglect, but it's mine.  We played in tide pools, a little estuary.  Max and I played football in the sand.  Sarah got some beach time. 

All teh problems were still here when we returned, but our attitudes were different.  Now maybe we can do something productive.  Things will get done.  Just not as much today.  Some days are like that. 

Some pictures.

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