Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sorry everyone.  I wasn't taken down to the briny deep of Davy Jones Locker by the Kraken.  I didn't succumb to the siren's song.  I just got busy, a little bit of a cold and, mostly, lazy.

We went to Victoria, BC; Vancouver, BC and then today were in Seattle.  Also, today, we changed out passenger physician, LMO and the other MO.  So, I was first call yesterday and then second call today.  Just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. 

This morning was a busy one.  I got up early and out to the terminal for a full crew customs inspection and then back in to medical to watch the morning clinic for DonDon and get a newly required, special physical from a different doctor.  He seemed like a really nice guy.  Went back to the room and got ready to go out.  We got a call on the room phone and it was the crew office saying we needed to hurry and get Sarah and the boys off so they could get to 0 count and start loading passengers.  So, we hurried out and went to the nearest gangway, which was the normal passenger gangway.  Well, it was pretty deserted since all the other passengers were off.  There was no all aboard sign up, but we figured it was 30 minutes prior to departure as normal, so 4:30.  Out we went to explore Seattle. 

We figured, to be safe, we should be back by between 3 and 3:30.  We were in a cab on the way back when DonDon calls and asks where the heck we were.  Security had been looking for us.  All aboard was at 2:30 and it was 2:55.  Uh oh.  So, we rushed and made it back aboard by about 3:05, just in time for me to do the passenger boat drill as second call.  Crap.  I forget this is a turnaround port and all aboard is earlier because of the drill.  So, I was thinking third call, because it was supposed to be my third call day and we have done disembarkation days the past two days because of all the people who ended their cruise in Vancouver and Victoria.  Oh well, no harm no foul.  As we were rushing in from the cab I told Sarah, "They can only fire me once." 

Anyway, I am going to do a little pictures catch up from the past few days. 

Of course, Victoria...The Empress.  All we had time to do was walk from the ship to the Empress and back to the ship.  Maybe next time.

Well, Michael and Max found time to go run and play in the grass.  As would be expected. 

And Sarah had time to soak up some Knowledge. 

This was in Vancouver.  I was on the ship.  I have no idea. 

Sarah in Seattle, looking lovelier than the mountains behind her. 

I don't know why this is backwards.  The tree prohibits the real M&M picture I was going for.  I didn't get a chance to explore what that might appear between from the opposite vantage point. 

What is it?  Giant Squid.  What does Max want to do.  Climb that Fu#%*r!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My Granddad passed away today.  I didn't know him very well.  We had a fair bit of superficial communication over the years.  I can't really recall any lessons he taught me or wisdom he imparted.  He was an energetic man with a strong work ethic and a constitution that was legendary.  He loved to party. 

I wasn't particularly close to any of my grandparents.  I suppose there was quite a bit I missed out on there, but they seemed to come from the school of thought that believed you earned your knowledge by living, not by sitting at your elder's knee.  When you screw up, we'll correct you. 

I'm sad, but more for his wife, my dad and the other left behind.  Granddad lived his life, his way with no apologies and survived for decades beyond what any actuary would have believed.  Not much for me to be sad about really.  So, the next time you hoist a drink, put up a toast for Dean Gaden, he would have toasted to you. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have discovered something. 

Donna is on board.  Donna is a nurse that I worked with on the Zuiderdam for a cruise.  This isn't about her.  She just helped me clarify a thought. You see, Donna likes formal night.  Donna likes hosting tables.  Many of the cruise nurses like that.  They like the cruise stuff.  Uniforms, formals, officers privilege. 

I, on the other hand, tolerate that stuff more than enjoy.  I am all about the ports.  Everything else is what I have to put up with to get somewhere. 

I seem to be the odd man out much of the time.  My fellow medical crew looks at me funny when I don't seem excited about dining at the Pinnacle grill or with the passengers in the dining room.  They are eager to dress up nice and go host a table on formal night. 

I guess I just don't fit in.  Oh well, nothing unusual . 

So, I just wrote this post because Sarah said I had to write something.  For my fans.  :---)  See, my nose is growing. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

5/5/2013 Part 2 Rescue at sea

Well, no overnights all trip until back to backs.  Here I am again.

Guess what I did today.

The first one to show up was the C-130, which circled.  According to the rescue guy, they were there to refuel and had an emergency swimmer and parachute team in case of a helicopter crash.

Then the helicopter arrived, an Air Force Pavehawk.  The circled a few times and then came in to hover over the bow.

Where this guy emerged on the winch wire and wafted gently down to the deck.

 Eventually two gentlemen would lower with the basket and the backboard and tons of other gear strapped on.

So we invited them into the Officer's Bar for a drink and a patient.

They came in and found the patient ready and waiting.  We gave report and they checked him over, we got him transfered over.

These guys were pretty cool.  6'1, 220lbs of lean muscle leaping out of helicopters to come to the rescue with beach bum blond hair and square jaws.  The ladies in the room all swooned together and I thought we might have a mass casualty faint.  Luckily they kept it together.

Then we carried the basket out to the deck where they hovered again, with the C-130 still circling.

And he yelled with good cheer ere he rose out of sight: "Happy evac to all and to all a good night!"


So close...

The clinic has been busy.  At times it has been really busy.  We have disembarked patients, plenty of patients.  The one thing we had not yet done, was on overnight.

Well, that ended tonight.  Two days before San Diego. 

Oh well, almost.  And I guess it isn't all bad.  We are supposed to do a helicopter evacuation tomorrow.  I will try to get some pictures.