Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My Granddad passed away today.  I didn't know him very well.  We had a fair bit of superficial communication over the years.  I can't really recall any lessons he taught me or wisdom he imparted.  He was an energetic man with a strong work ethic and a constitution that was legendary.  He loved to party. 

I wasn't particularly close to any of my grandparents.  I suppose there was quite a bit I missed out on there, but they seemed to come from the school of thought that believed you earned your knowledge by living, not by sitting at your elder's knee.  When you screw up, we'll correct you. 

I'm sad, but more for his wife, my dad and the other left behind.  Granddad lived his life, his way with no apologies and survived for decades beyond what any actuary would have believed.  Not much for me to be sad about really.  So, the next time you hoist a drink, put up a toast for Dean Gaden, he would have toasted to you. 

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