Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have discovered something. 

Donna is on board.  Donna is a nurse that I worked with on the Zuiderdam for a cruise.  This isn't about her.  She just helped me clarify a thought. You see, Donna likes formal night.  Donna likes hosting tables.  Many of the cruise nurses like that.  They like the cruise stuff.  Uniforms, formals, officers privilege. 

I, on the other hand, tolerate that stuff more than enjoy.  I am all about the ports.  Everything else is what I have to put up with to get somewhere. 

I seem to be the odd man out much of the time.  My fellow medical crew looks at me funny when I don't seem excited about dining at the Pinnacle grill or with the passengers in the dining room.  They are eager to dress up nice and go host a table on formal night. 

I guess I just don't fit in.  Oh well, nothing unusual . 

So, I just wrote this post because Sarah said I had to write something.  For my fans.  :---)  See, my nose is growing. 


  1. Ummm...I'm with you...other than I like a dinner at the Pinnacle now and again. I'd much rather get out at the ports!

  2. I totally agree with port time and I prefer not hosting tables! I do enjoy the monthly perk at the Pinnacle Grill.

  3. I wonder why I seemed to get along with you two so well.

  4. Pinnacle/ports, yes - hosting/formals, no....and your address is ybnormal after all. Lol