Friday, April 27, 2012


Last night in Arkansas.  I wanted to go for one last run against that hill.  That damned hill.  My best was three full circuits with the hill each time.  Tonight I couldn't get to the top of it the first time without stopping to walk.  The last few weeks work and visiting schedule cost me.  The first time I slowed to rest the second time up the hill I looked down and saw I had around a dozen ticks on my legs.  I started picking them off Satchel and myself before I realized they were getting on faster than I could get them off.  We ran to a flat open area and cleaned off more before walk/running home to spend another ten minutes picking more ticks off. 

Goodbye Arkansas.  The road beckons. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


And just like that, it was over. 

Another contract in the books.  As usual, there are some people here who I will miss, but I can't say that I will miss this area much.  After getting home early tonight because the ER was a little slow, I spent 15 minutes pulling ticks off the dog.  For the second time today.  Right now the beach sounds great and I can't wait for it all. 

I've decided a thing or two lately.  One, I want to write better and more.  I think I might be able to make writing a business if not a profession.  I need to be more conscious about attempting to improve my writing skills.  That should include not writing a blog post after having a large celebratory drink after finishing a contract, steps.  Two, I need to expand on what I write here.  I know I mentioned this in another blog post, but I am reminding myself and also fulfilling the 'or two' thing I mentioned earlier.  I have a good thought that has been percolating about a political post and another thing relating to my fitness training and the tough mudder stuff I want to do.  They will have to wait I guess though.  Tonight is for celebrating yet another contract in the books.  That makes...lemme contracts.  Poplar Bluff, Houston twice, Vancouver, Boise, Del Rio and now Springdale.  Cool. 

In other news, it sounds as though my Mom is going to join us for this next cross country adventure.  I am very excited about that.  We are planning some really cool stops this time around and the only thing better than experiencing these things is getting to share them with someone you love.  I hope this trip will be as great as is sounds like it could be.  OK.  Maybe I really shouldn't BUI.  (Blog under the influence.) 

Anyway...I'm excited...more to follow.