Monday, August 29, 2011

Quiet day today

Got some shopping done. It is the last day Grandma and Papa are in town. Just took it pretty easy. Two fun little quote from the day. One will remain anonymous.

Driving through Boise today I was reminded of how different is it from your typical big city when I heard, "You know, the people walking down here don't look homeless."

Then there was Max who walked up, kissed Sarah on the chest and then kissed me on the chest. Looks up and smiles before saying, "I kissed you on your heart."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steam train

Today we loaded up Sarah's parents and took them adventuring. All the way up to Sumpter OR. WE had planned this particular excursion prior to finding out they were coming so they got to come along. IT is an old steam train that runs between Mckewn and Sumpter. About a 40 minute trip with an hour layover or so. That gave us time to go see the Sumpter Dredge. This huge barge with a linked bucket dredge carved this valley up in search of gold. It left huge piles of gravel and rocks and a weird canal system you can see from google earth. It's crazy. If you want, go to Google maps and then go to Baker City OR and then scroll WSW to Sumpter and if you are zoomed in close enough you will see the trail this thing left all over the valley.

It was hot, not as hot as most of the country, but still hot. A good adventure day.