Sunday, February 18, 2018

Let's wrap this up, shall we.

We are no longer full-time travelers.


The lack of blog posts reflects that. Pictures too.

Sure, there are other things going on and I've tried to touch on those from time to time here. I'm still working on the house. We still have chickens and goats. We still try to do some epic hiking and we have some big plans for the year. Don't worry, we'll get to those.

The kitchen needed some work

It got some work.

I'm trying my hand at cabinets. They are cheap, but functional. Just like me.

We even installed a dishwasher which we worship every night.

But the Adventure Nickel adventure has pretty much concluded. I think we can call if officially closed with this.

Presenting: Our Memories

That is what we left behind. These boxes were filled with the things we just couldn't bear to part with. Oh yeah, and one box randomly filled with empty plastic Easter eggs and dollar store decorations.  I submit we may not have been in our right minds when we stashed all this stuff up there.

We recently went back to Houston to visit family and took the opportunity to go back to our stash and get it out of the recesses of the attic. Now that we had a permanent home, it seemed like we should.

And, in true Adventure Nickel fashion, there had to be an incident.

I may have partially fallen through the ceiling. Maybe.

Now that our traveling adventure life has concluded, what do I do with all this? 

It seems pretty cozy here, in my little corner of the internet. Maybe I should keep posting things here.

So, what am I doing that is exciting enough to share about? 


Yeah, another book. This one's different though. I'm not saying there won't be an Adventure Nickel Pt 2. There might, but I had to try an actual novel. I'm probably greater than halfway through the rough draft and I'm finally starting to believe I might finish this thing. So, I'm going to start treating this place like the blog of the author I would love to be.

So that's what this will be for the foreseeable future. The blog of a hopefully emerging author. I'm going to be talking about different projects and writing and all the other things that go along with it.

If you are interested, follow along. I'll still post pretty pictures from hikes.

Time to get back to work.

Monday, January 1, 2018


I guess you can see that blogging wasn't a big goal for 2017. Ha.

I'm not sure where it will end up on the 2018 list either, but I can surely start out right.

I could fill you in on all that happened since my last post in June, but really, who cares?

Let's do what new years are for and start fresh.

What am I going to do with 2018?

A friend of mine, Annika, ran her first marathon last year. While accomplishing that goal she achieved a total distance run over the year of 1004 miles. That seems like an awesome goal. I'm going to try to run 1000 miles this year.

I checked the calculator and that is an average of 2.7 miles every day. I ran 3.3 today so, WOOT, I'm beating the average. Of course that will last, right?

Amazing out there today panting and wheezing along in 32 degree temps. It feels like I never ran more than 5 miles in my life. Every tiny incline is like a mountain climb and my legs feel rubbery after 2 miles.

Sigh. Good goals are never easy. If awesome was easy, everybody would do it.

What else?

I want to install a dishwasher. First time in like 9 years we will have a dishwasher. That's a big one.

I want to finish the book I'm writing.

I want to weld something.

I want to build that pizza oven I've been daydreaming about. Sarah tells me I have to build a back deck first, sigh. This goal thing is going to be hard. Sounds like I will be busy.

Oh well. If awesome was easy...

Better get busy. Only 996.7 miles to go