Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sometimes it is just too much.

A lot going on. 

Progress is still being made, but something has to give.  Rather than give up on any construction projects, or quitting my day job, the blog had to take the hit.

We have visitors.

Sarah's parents are here and they are proving pretty helpful really. 

Rather than squeeze us all into the RV, we have done it before, Sarah and I moved into the project house (Big Stinky) and gave our room to her parents.

The tarps give a cool, blue ambiance.

The projects continue unabated.

I really need to back off the opening up the kitchen meme.

I opened it up so much I had to install a temporary roof support.

Then, double king studs with trimmers and a 2x8 plywood header sandwich.

And we have a rough opening for a sliding glass door.  I sure hope it fits.

I supported the roof with a 6x8 timber nailed to the floor. It had some scrap 2x12 leftover from the stairs nailed to teh top to increase surface area. I made the header with two 2x8 boards sandwiched around a section of 3/4 in plywood.  The sill is a 1x4 cedar plank which I will cover up with flashing tape when we get the OSB on.

Nothing much.  Oh yeah, and...

A new hot water heater.  Papa did the wiring.
So yeah, after I fixed the sink tonight, Sarah and I even had hot and cold running water.  We even have a working shower!  Moving right on in to the 20th century. 

Let's see.  What else.

Got all the old siding off of one side. 
Rewired the outlet that was under the window.
I also fixed the refrigerator door that fell off and we are putting GFCI circuits in the kitchen and bathrooms. 

So yeah, busy.

But.  We also have visitors.  That means we have to get out and show off our beautiful chosen home state.

We started with this familiar place.

Unfortunately, I left the manual focus on the camera and didn't realize it. Many of the pictures are terrible.  Man, I'm out of adventure photography practice. I can use a circular saw though, so there's that.

Posts may be spotty for a bit.  I'll try to keep them up though.