Friday, December 27, 2013

Today at work sucked

It happens. 

Patient's were cranky, the doctors waited and waited, then wanted everything ten minutes ago.  Everyone was a hard stick for blood, the doctor's were ordering more tests and then waiting til after I drew the blood to add more tests so I had to go back to all those hard sticks again to draw blood.

I was frustrated, I was cranky, I was not a happy nurse and on the way home I was ready to just pour out all my complaints and vent.

But when I got home, Sarah smiled and said Michael was in our room doing a lesson and Max, well she just couldn't find him anywhere.  So I looked, and looked and finally, after a few helpful hints, found him in the closet. 

I was taken away from the craptastic day at work and transported back to being a kid, hiding in the closet.

Sometimes kids rock.