Sunday, June 6, 2010

Decisions decisions

What do we keep? What do we sell? What do we just throw away?

Which trailer do we want? What travel nursing agency do we use?

These are just a few of the major decisions we are currently grappling with. All the while there is a silent countdown to a projected departure date. There is a pretty firm deadline because some people who aren't us will be moving into our house.

S has been courageously taking on the herculean task of sorting through the majority of our belongings and making piles of need to keep, would like to keep, sell and trash. (See, what do I call her on the blog, her name? Her initials? ROTU?)

Oh well, things progress. We continue to do our research and meanwhile continue to make the best decisions we can with the information at hand. It is interesting, thrilling and scary all at the same time.

I am still trying to find a voice for this blog, bear with me.