Saturday, April 2, 2011

Long journey halfway through.

Man, this can be tiring. And trying.
driving out of North Platte we started encountering high winds. Turns out it was 40 mph with gusts exceeding 55mph. There were flashing signs at the side of the road advising no light trailers. Makes you question if 12k lbs can be considered light. I think it is. We slowed to 45-50 and kept plugging. Finally made it in to Laramie after stopping at a truck park for an hour or so waiting out what we hoped was the worst of the wind.

The KOA in Laramie offered no protection from the wind. We slept in the kids room with all the slides in because our slide topper awnings were acting as sails and tipping the RV as well as the wear and tear on the toppers. Next day was better. still windy but not ARRRRRRGGGHHHH windy. We explored Laramie and went to the University of Wyoming campus to see some dinosaur fossils then hit the planetarium later Max couldn't sit through the show so I waited outside with him until it was finished. That night Michael and I went out and found some of the constellations they displayed in the planetarium. Kind of neat. More later as time permits. This travel thing is busy.