Saturday, October 5, 2013

A brief pause

Life gets busy.  Too busy these days doing things to spend much time writing about them.  And then, when I do get time, we are out of wifi and I can't get a blog post up. 

Enough excuses. 

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, we were eating fajitas in Texas.  The next day found us in Oklahoma city with my sister and an invitation to run a 5k mud run with her on Sunday.  Being the lunatic fringe sort that we are, this sounded like a wonderful idea. 

So we woke up bright and early and got muddy.

We went home and cleaned up.  The next day we went to Wynnewood, OK to see the GW Exotic animal park.  This is a rescue facility for exotic animals.  I hate zoos.  I wasn't too fond of this place either, but I understand it is difficult to house these animals in the best of circumstances.  The day turned out better when I found a monkey friend to play with.  His name was Ricky.  I was too busy playing to take pictures. 

He was sitting alone in his cage.  He interacted some with Michelle and that gave me to idea to run around his cage like a crazy person. There is video, but I can't upload it right now. Besides, the whole thing was overshadowed by the character who ran the place.  He calls himself Joe Exotic, fancies himself a country star with a video and everything.  Oh yeah, and this...

Yup, that's Joe Exotic.  He also goes by the title, Tiger King.  I do believe his video is titled "I Saw a Tiger." which is much funnier when you have seen the above labeled products. 

We hung out with Miche for a while and then took off the next day for Little Rock Arkansas.  And I will get to that later I hope.  So much to write, too tired to write it.