Friday, June 18, 2010


Spent the day busy again. Here's to hoping that Poplar Bluff contains some boredom for us. We could use it. Got a new hitch and brake controller today and continued getting set up for garage sale #3.

Sarah and I got all of our folding clothes into one chest and pared down the hanging clothes so we could share one closet. I cleaned out my desk. It is amazing the junk you hold on to when you have space. I found old school assignments and classwork from pre-nursing school days. Every anniversary card or birthday card for the past 8-9 years. Owners manuals for the printer we had before the one before the one we have now. All of it has to be sorted because you never know what you might find buried in with it all, like shot records (mine, not the kids).

Sarah is unbelievable. She is going through everything and watching the kids and cleaning and on and on and on... All I have to do is go to work. Speaking of work, five shifts left. We pick up the USS Gaden (Yup, that is the name of the trailer. USS Gaden, pulled by Flo the red truck with the big butt.) on Thursday. Then we start moving in. The countdown continues. Tomorrow though is garage sale #3, which I get to sleep through because I work tomorrow night. Sarah is going to do it with her Mom, sister and sister's friend. Poor girl, have I mentioned how wonderful my wife is?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two weeks

Gave my two weeks today. Everyone was very supportive and seemed genuinely happy for me.

Random question for ER patrons.

If you waited in the lobby for two hours and were moved back to the room, then waited another hour in the room why leave now? You are probably ten minutes from the doctor coming in to see you. You have invested three or more hours to be seen and this is an emergency...right? Why leave now? I just don't get it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

And the countdown begins

Tick tock.

I go in tomorrow and put in my two weeks notice. Got a lot done in the past few days. We got the fifth wheel picked out and financed. Got the job interview done. We got the contract for the new job drawn up and signed. Had another garage sale. We will probably have two more. The final one will likely be followed by loading up some stuff to donate to goodwill and move the rest to that strategic spot on the curb. Yep, been busy. Good for you though, keeps the anxiety low.

Doing more research. It isn't easy to make the decisions when each piece seems so critical. This time it is the fifth wheel hitch. The one that is in the truck was broken. Thanks again to the seller for his high moral character. I'm betting he lied about not knowing what the check engine light was about too. Oh well.

And we entertained visitors this past week. My mom was in town. It was great to see her. She and my mother-in-law probably contributed to us getting the particular trailer we ended up with. It was me against the three moms and it wasn't hard to tell which one was right. I do think this one will work out better though. I researched several makes, models and floor plans exhaustively. We went to the dealer with a plan A and a plan B. Then we called an audible when the mom's noticed how much better this other trailer would work and it was only around 10% more.

It is an Open Range 429 BHS for those of you who are interested. You can take a virtual tour on the Open Range website. Check it out.

So tomorrow I get to take a break from disassembling my life and go work 12 hours in the ER. Yeah....much less stress.

tick tock.