Friday, June 18, 2010


Spent the day busy again. Here's to hoping that Poplar Bluff contains some boredom for us. We could use it. Got a new hitch and brake controller today and continued getting set up for garage sale #3.

Sarah and I got all of our folding clothes into one chest and pared down the hanging clothes so we could share one closet. I cleaned out my desk. It is amazing the junk you hold on to when you have space. I found old school assignments and classwork from pre-nursing school days. Every anniversary card or birthday card for the past 8-9 years. Owners manuals for the printer we had before the one before the one we have now. All of it has to be sorted because you never know what you might find buried in with it all, like shot records (mine, not the kids).

Sarah is unbelievable. She is going through everything and watching the kids and cleaning and on and on and on... All I have to do is go to work. Speaking of work, five shifts left. We pick up the USS Gaden (Yup, that is the name of the trailer. USS Gaden, pulled by Flo the red truck with the big butt.) on Thursday. Then we start moving in. The countdown continues. Tomorrow though is garage sale #3, which I get to sleep through because I work tomorrow night. Sarah is going to do it with her Mom, sister and sister's friend. Poor girl, have I mentioned how wonderful my wife is?

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