Sunday, April 24, 2011

Class time!

Had a wonderful treat this weekend. Got to go to a class with someone whose work I have admired for some time. I got some top-notch information that I can use in tense. fast moving situations that is also scalable and I can use it in day to day interactions. It is awesome when you get knowledge handed to you like that.

One of the goals of my travel nursing is to find some idea of 'emergency room'. Determine the fundamental skills, processes and ideas that are the same pretty much wherever you go in this society. Each emergency room does things a different way, but they all have a 'go to' person for IV starts when you just have to have one. A skilled difficult stick person is valuable wherever you go.

Rory Miller and Marc MacYoung have done this type of analysis for years on interpersonal conflict and have a tremendous insight into that subject. I got to attend Rory's class. The people he teaches are generally on the high end of interpersonal conflict, prison guards, security workers, cops and the like so the classes focus more in those areas. As someone who regularly deals with psychiatric patients in crisis and others who can be prone to violent behavior, this information is important to me as well. The beauty, the true profundity of what they teach and know is the scalability of it. They have isolated enough of the core of conflict that the same concept they present that will cause and all out bar brawl will be behind inter office squabbles, family arguments and on and on. This is information that everyone can use.

A good time and a good class that got my mind working. I love that.

If you are interested, if you don't know of Rory and Marc you can find more about them at these links.