Saturday, January 4, 2014

Farewell Richmond

Richmond wasn't bad, it just wasn't us.  I think there were just too many people.  Something wasn't right anyway.  We just didn't feel ourselves here and it is time to go.

We need to go.  We need to shake things up a bit every once in a while.  So we bought a boat and are leaving for our around the world trip.

Max likes it!

Michael loves it!  Think of all the fish we will see.
Roberts and Caine Leopard 45 built in South Africa.

OK, Mom, put down the defibrillator.  We didn't really buy a boat.  Not that we wouldn't or won't someday, just not yet.  Instead we want to introduce you to the best thing we found in Virginia, The Brassington's.

Phillip, Stacy, Tristan and Bodin. 
They are in the early stages of moving aboard.  It sounds like a great new adventure from a family that is no stranger to adventure.  I am eagerly awaiting their blog so I can hear more.  As soon as they get it up and going, I will share it here so we can all follow along if we like. 

We got to hang out with their crew some toward the latter part of our stay here in Virginia.  I wish we had met them earlier. I'm gushing, I should stop. 

We met up with them New Year's Eve at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for the festivities and had a great time. 

WE wandered about and checked everything out.  They had a tradition of bringing in the New Year with a roll down the hill.  Out kids couldn't have been happier. 

Nothing like a roll down a wet hill in freezing weather to bring in the New Year.

Sarah amidst the chaos.
When the sun started to go down and they cranked up the lights, everything changed.  It was cold, but the sights and company made it a great time. 

An early kiss on New Year's Eve.

Starting to get dark

Reflections in the dark are cool

Oooh, cool tree.

The night grew darker and colder, but the lights got better and Phillip and Stacy knew to bring marshmallows for roasting as they had a firepit going with ready to use sharpened sticks.  Did I tell you these guys were cool? 

Light Peacock

How do you like the tunnel boys?

Toads of the underworld.

We managed to get all the kids together for this one last photo before we left. 

Tonight we finished our preparations for leaving tomorrow and sat down to see if there was one last thing we wanted to do.  Usually we want to go to that one place one last time or eat at that one restaurant. Nope, not here.  We ask Michael and Max what they liked most about this visit, as we do every time and they both said Tristan and Bodin.  We will miss you guys.  Can't wait to read the blog.