Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Next contract

Here we are. Next contract is in Yuma Arizona. I love my Houston people and there are some things here I am really going to miss while we are gone. That being said, I can't wait to hit the road. We stay way too busy and spend way too much money here. There is constantly someone to visit, somewhere to go, doctor visits, dentist, vet, family, Kaju classes. No time for much else. Including this blog.

Perhaps there will be a little more discretionary time on the next contract.

On the side of the RV we placed a large map sticker that is the outline of the USA. It includes individual state stickers. We will be getting three new stickers this trip. New Mexico, Arizona and California. There are rules about sticker placement, as there must be in this sort of thing. The RV must stay the night in the state with all of us in it or no sticker. I wonder how full we can get that map.

Good to be back to adventure.