Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Welcome to Olympia

We have arrived.

For those who haven't been following with bated breath and ragged fingernails awaiting our return, we have been largely out of contact lately.  Three months or so.  This all came due to an unfortunate disagreement with an RV park and the coinciding high season for RV travelers in northern Washington. 

We were forced to live in somewhat less than optimal circumstances. 

The RV park, while beautiful, was missing a few modern television, 50 amp power, and sewer.  Yeah.  No sewer hookups for three months.  That means walking to the park's community showers and bathrooms.  That means hauling whatever you couldn't take to a shower or bathroom away in a tank a few times a weeks.  Oh yeah, no wifi...that's why we weren't posting our regular adventures.  Oddly, we were really pretty happy for the most part.  The inconvenience became routine.  We have grown accustomed to differing levels of discomfort.  But, after a few months, we were ready to rejoin the modern world and Olympia brought it to us in high fashion. 

The RV park itself is nothing special.  The sites are all together and mostly concrete.  There is a requisite train near enough to hear and lots of activity.  It is attached to a casino after all.  But, it has full sewer, full power, good wifi, and 100+ digital cable channels (the last is a mixed blessing at best)

But, the casino considers the RV park guests as guests of the entire resort.  That gives us access to all of the amenities.  Which is nice.

Verah Nice.
Get your swole on!
Yeah, modern life can be nice. 

There is a nearby golf course and some meadow areas to walk the dog.  An while out exploring, we found a nice delight to add to dinner tonight.

Olympia has rolled out the carpet for us and we are grateful.  It looks as beautiful and nice as we remember.  We have even spotted a few places we didn't notice last time we were here and we are looking foreword to finding more.