Thursday, December 27, 2012


The kids made us work for it today. Everything was tears and resistance. Somehow we managed to get everything on the must do list done if we didn't get everything on the whole list done. 

Two work days left.  That's it. 

I wrote this whole beautiful, and long, post tonight.

Then the connection went kaput and froze the page.  I lost it.


Let's try again.

This is an interesting something that I came across today.  It is reinforcing all the other information that I have seen about writing.  Talent doesn't do it.  Work does.  I think I may finally be getting that message. I've been writing this blog for two plus years now.  If you look at my post count, I am vastly improved.  I'm hoping that means that the posts are easier because the conduit between head and page is cleaner and better.  There is still a lot of work to do.

I'm writing for AFO.  I will get a story for this month and hope I will continue to do so.  Not sure how that will work on a cruise ship with unknown Internet access, but I will try. While I am out to sea I may try to nominate Michelle as Grand High Overlord of the forums if she will accept the job.  If she won't then it will be me and whoever else I can convince to do the job.   

I am also 87 pages into the Adventure Nickel book first draft.  I hope to have something ready for Amazon by March.  Initially I had hoped to give a second draft to Sarah for Christmas, but it was harder than I expected.  I am probably optimistic about March too, but I have to set goals.  So, I am trying to hone the craft somewhat.  After this, I have a fiction idea I want to get out. 

It snowed here for Christmas.  It was the only White Christmas in the memory of anyone I know in Tyler.  Sarah and I also saw two white Christmas's while in Houston.  What are the odds. 

Enough jabber, on with the pictures.

Michael practicing his whistling in the snow.  His perfect pursed lip pose reminds me of a Peanuts character.  And yes, Dad, I have used the line, "You can stay, but the whistle has to go."

They seem pretty excited about the whole snow thing.

We even got a little accumulation.

If I calculate my launch trajectory correctly...

Monday, December 24, 2012


The promised pictures. 

Since everybody else was doing it today. 

Merry Christmas. 

The kids pounced like leopards onto their presents.  I actually think I head one of them growl. 

I think the expressions speak for themselves. 

I had to include this one just for the remarkable bed head Max was sportin'.  Way to go kid.  Chip off the old block. 

You have to imagine the rocket noise of Jango Fett's rocket pack here.

Michael found a new toy!

 Our old tree in our old house.

 I was hoping for a candid shot, instead Max sensed the camera.

 Hard at work again.

 Checking out the results of their labors.

Hope yours goes as well as ours did.