Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello Houston.

We arrived in Houston on schedule and not too much worse for the wear.  The RV park where we landed posed some problems.  It is really close to the hospital, but it is even closer to the train tracks.  Like, the train tracks are 100 yards off our back window with a  railroad crossing intersection 1/4 mile down the road necessitating several blares of the horn.  Our first night was restless to say the least.  Our miraculous minds though, have learned to filter out that sound and we are now sleeping through it.  The park has a no refund policy or we wouldn't have stayed long enough to adjust. 

We have been spending a lot of time over at Grandma and Papa's place.  Partly to visit and partly to avail myself of his tool collection and amassed wisdom of tinkering and working on things.  Much needs repair and I am still learning about all that DIY stuff.  I pulled the condenser fan from the main ac in IRV because it has a bad bearing.  The bearing is $1.67.  The motor is $200 and the labor at a shop would be $140 or so.  We initially took it so an electric motor repair shop which quoted 5-8 days and $100.  So we pulled it apart and ordered the bearing.  Also, we had to fix the power steering leak on Flo.  This means pulling the hydroboost unit on the truck and replacing an internal seal.  Hopefully that fixed it.  And no, I didn't take off the AC in the truck.

I have spent a large part of the week jumping through hoops getting ready for work.  One of the hassles of travel nursing is getting paperwork for a new job done every three months.  They needed new immunization records, papers filed and so on.  I also had to renew my license.  Where I took this picture of an empty, parked car. 

Today I finish (hopefully) jumping through hoops for work and then go try to repay Papa for his help by helping him hang a new set of attic stairs.  Keeping busy.