Monday, March 12, 2012


Back from a great family gathering in Seiling, OK. It is always odd to go there and realize that, in this town of 2000 people, I am in some way probably related to everyone I see. We went mostly to visit my Grandfather, who is ill, but in great spirits. Too many drinks were consumed, many old stories were shared. It is amazing to see how the cycles repeat. Now with my generation at the grown up table watching our children run across hay bales and walk down over the scary bridge. We got home yesterday and then today Sarah's parents arrived for a week of visiting. We are certainly busy. On top of that I am trying to update the Adventure Nickel website. I am also working on a writing project I am really excited about. So, yeah, staying busy. I wanted to get a note in here just so I can say I said something. And for those in the know, add a picture. Family is awesome.