Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Uhhh...February already?

I know.  No excuse.

I've been gone too long.  I'll tell you why.  It isn't all bad either.

First, January and February in western Washington is, indeed, as rainy as they say.  While that hasn't stopped us from going out entirely, it has slowed the pace.  And pictures? Sorry, man, the fog and clouds make it tough.  We haven't done adventures on the scale you have become accustomed to lately and I won't put up just anything.  You have to have standards. 

Second, I'm writing a book.  Well, re-writing actually.  I wrote a book about the first few years traveling and I am in the final stages of getting it ready to put out in the world.  It is exciting and scary and weird to say the least.  With limited time and energy, I figured it would be better to work on the book than blog our 15 minute hike over mud puddles through a dimly lit, foggy forest. 

Third, we are plugging in to the community here in Olympia in a way we haven't for years.  Since Houston.  The kids are in martial arts classes and we are trying to get them into music classes.  Lots of moving parts here.  We may stick around this area for a while. 

So, don't think I've gone away.  I will be positively bombarding you with news, updates, pictures and adventure again soon. 

I'm in the lab, working on something new. 

It's coming. 

In the meantime, here are a few shots from clear days.

Rainier from Olympia

Trying out the panoramic feature on the new phone.  Hope it works.
A lake at Millersylvania State park. Yes, that's its real name.