Saturday, June 20, 2015

Miche is HERE!

Aunt Michelle is here!  The kids are excited and so are we.  We get to show her some of the awesome things around here. 

Our connection here is miserable and, unfortunately, we are moving to a place with NO internet for a while soon. I will post up what I can, when I can, but no promises. 

Now, on to some pictures.

We first set out to do a quick hike at the Horshoe Bend trail just inside Mt. Baker National Forest.  

Miche seemed to like it.

It is a pretty place.
We found a good lunch spot.
Michael found a boulder he wanted to carry home. 

Miche found some peace, I hope.

Climber Max!

WE hiked our way out after lunch and took another quick detour to check out Nooksack Falls.  It is right off the road and only takes a minute.

Too pretty not to see.  I'll spare you the long exposure.

Then we kept driving up the mountain.  Cool thing happens.  You are driving up the road getting peek-a-boo looks at some snowy mountains and then you make a turn in the road. When you drive up this road, you can't see anything unless you are looking behind the car.  I stopped and asked Miche to get out.  She hadn't seen this big mountain behind us.  She turned around and her jaw hit the pavement. 

Miche asked, "Is this my Holy S&%$ face?

It is something.

The Subaru is fulfilling its mountain destiny.

Mt. Baker summit peeking out.

Mt. Shuksan peak among the clouds

Mich, Max and Sarah up on the trail to table mountain. 

From up on the trail.

This last picture is for scale.  Due to forced perspective, it is sometimes hard to convey the size of the landscape.  Only some distance can lend that perspective.  If you look carefully you can see Sarah and Satchel on the trail in the lower center of that picture with one of the 'small' mountains in the background. 

We didn't do the table mountain hike, no dogs on that trail.  Maybe next time.  Miche now wants to climb mountains.