Friday, July 16, 2010

Family visits

My Mom and nephew have been here the past couple of days which has spawned a little more adventure than normal. Six people in the RV can get a little cramped so you actively seek out something that will get everybody out of the house. We went to visit the water park, the lake and Sarah took everybody out to a nearby spring while I worked. It has been a really nice visit.

Our nephew Nicholas is a great kid. Well mannered for a 9 year old boy and very friendly. It has been a pleasure to have him

We also learned that another of my co-workers from Houston will be coming in to Poplar Bluff next week. She is the nurse most responsible, I believe, for getting me traveling so that is cool. AND...we learned that Sarah's parents are coming up from Houston for her birthday. IT promises to continue to be an eventful and enjoyable month.