Sunday, May 5, 2013

5/5/2013 Part 2 Rescue at sea

Well, no overnights all trip until back to backs.  Here I am again.

Guess what I did today.

The first one to show up was the C-130, which circled.  According to the rescue guy, they were there to refuel and had an emergency swimmer and parachute team in case of a helicopter crash.

Then the helicopter arrived, an Air Force Pavehawk.  The circled a few times and then came in to hover over the bow.

Where this guy emerged on the winch wire and wafted gently down to the deck.

 Eventually two gentlemen would lower with the basket and the backboard and tons of other gear strapped on.

So we invited them into the Officer's Bar for a drink and a patient.

They came in and found the patient ready and waiting.  We gave report and they checked him over, we got him transfered over.

These guys were pretty cool.  6'1, 220lbs of lean muscle leaping out of helicopters to come to the rescue with beach bum blond hair and square jaws.  The ladies in the room all swooned together and I thought we might have a mass casualty faint.  Luckily they kept it together.

Then we carried the basket out to the deck where they hovered again, with the C-130 still circling.

And he yelled with good cheer ere he rose out of sight: "Happy evac to all and to all a good night!"


  1. Amazing pics! And I would have totally swooned...did you give them my number?

  2. Nope, didn't have it. But I did show them your picture. It was cute, you had Play Doh.

  3. Omg!! now am reaaaallllly jealous!!

    Awesome pix and like Kelli, swooning would not have been out of the question. I did do just that yesterday for Ranger Rick in glacier bay - lol