Saturday, May 19, 2012



Sent Mom home today.  Took her to Burbank for a flight out.  We miss her already.  She really managed to fit in with us and our routine quite nicely.  Sarah loved how she managed to always have a coffee pot going.  Yup, that is one way to Sarah's heart.  We ate at a 'world famous' peas soup restaurant in Beullton, CA called Split Pea Andersens.  It was on the way.  Won't be going back.  I don't even like split pea soup, but Sarah and Mom do, so we stopped.  It is a thin soup spiced with a lot of what tastes like sage.  It may be world famous, that doesn't mean it is good.

So Mom left and we are sad.

ON a happy note, Happy Birthday Julia.  And a late happy birthday to Colleen.

Other than that today consisted of 8 hours in the truck.  Note to self.  Don't take the truck in to Los Angeles or the surrounding area again.  That world is simply not designed to accommodate Flo.  We almost got stuck in the airport parking garage.

Tomorrow I think we will try to scrape some of the bugs off of the RV.  Should be fun.

We'll miss you mom.  Hurry back.

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