Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Another day of orientation.  Tomorrow.....more. 

I do like what I have seen so far, but the ultimate test is how the ideas and plans of administration translate to the floor.  The proof alas, being in the pudding so to speak.

Got an interesting tip on some info that might lead to a neat future job.  Not enough for me to really detail it, but enough for me to make a casual allusion to something that might peak interest and cause you to ...READ ON.  I know...a cliffhanger.  Nothing really, just a marker in case it turns into something neat.

And since I am filling space, an essay I wrote will be appearing in a really cool upcoming book called:  Campfire Tales From Hell.  I'll post more and a link to a place where you can buy it as I can.

More reports as events develop. 

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