Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today was expirey day! 

We were at Georgetown Grand Cayman Islands.  Of course, crew shore leave was suspended due to operational issues.  I think that means there wouldn't be enough time for passengers and crew to get on and off via the tender (water taxi) so passengers get to go and crew gets to stay.  Just part of the bargain. 

So instead, we got expirey day!  That is the day when you go through everthing in the clinic, every needle, iv, medicine, fluid start kit, et tube, etc and pull out everything that has expired and replace it.  What a great way to find out what and where everything is.  Problems is that it was so much that I can't remember it all.  Sigh. 

So that was busy.  Plus the normal clinic stuff.  It still isn't as busy as a 12 hour ER shift. 

I got in a workout tonight.  Running on a treadmill sucks. 

Part of running, at least for me, is engaging with the world around you.  It isn't just running, it is running somewhere.  I can distract myself a little by focusing on getting to the top of that hill, that stop sign, those trees up there.  On a treadmill you don't go anywhere.  You just keep looking down at the little red numbers and waiting for them to get high enough to quit.  It's like watching a clock and waiting something unpleasant to end.  It takes forever and it sucks.  I want my world back.  So I lift things up and put them down more and run less.  Instead of body weight exercises and running 5 miles I do deadlifts and squats, bench press and planks, then run 1-2 miles. 

I should go see a show or something. 

I did go to the OB last night.  Officer's Bar, BTW.  I had a rum and coke and sat out on the bow of the ship in the dark.  It was nice.

Off to bed, I am 1st call tomorrow and need my beauty rest. 

Anne, I'm still trying to find out for you.  I'll let you know. 

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