Monday, January 14, 2013



Scene from the buffet line today on the Lido Deck. We are standing in the Asian food line and an older, overweight midwestern gentleman is pointing at the various sushi rolls on display. He points to a daikon nigiri roll It is a half moon shaped slice of a yellow vegetable secured to a bed of rice with a ribbon of seaweed. He asks the small Phillipino man behind the glass and asking what it is. The server responds, "Daikon"'. The man asks, "Bacon?"

The server smiles and shakes his head, "Daikon. It's a vegetable."

"Bacon? The yellow one?"

This goes on for a few seconds as the Phillipino man tries to explain to the passenger in a reasonably heavy accent that the yellow thing is a vegetable and not some mutant bacon. The passenger is standing there wondering what kind of place is serving raw, yellow bacon. I figured it would be best to step in and explain. Once he understood he promptly ordered one of every roll except the freaky yellow bacon.

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