Friday, January 18, 2013


Here I am after midnight, in the clinic, looking after a drunk/on drugs patient.  It was a fun night restraining him and having him spit in everyone's face.  He was so cute how he told everyone what punk bitches we all were.  Except me.   He trusted me, of course, since I was a medical man.

How ferocious he was as he described what he would do to everyone if only they would let him up to show them.  Now he is all quiet and finally getting that much needed beauty rest.  Haldol, I love you. 

Aside from that, nothing much today.  It was rougher seas than it has been but still doesn't really count as rough by comparison to Navy days.  I do enjoy being at sea.  I went upstairs to the 11th deck where I sat for a bit watching the panoramic view of the ocean while I read my book.  The motion of the sea is magnified up there a bit. 

I also really get a kick out of watching the pool on the 9th deck slosh around.  The whole pool is in a recessed area to contain the water and it is just mesmerizing to me.  Like waves crashing on a beach.  Mary, my nurse buddy, said, 'just wait till you get whitecaps in the pool.  That's cool.'

Tomorrow is Ft. Lauderdale.  I can't wait.  My cell phone gets reception there and I get to call home.  I am missing my family quite a bit. 

Next cruise is Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, San Juan and St. Thomas.  I am 3rd call for San Juan.  Should be fun.  I might even get off on St. Thomas for a bit.  We will see.

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