Monday, January 14, 2013


My habit has been to write up my blog posts on the touchpad and then bulk add them to the blog when I have time.  This time however, I am going to go ahead and type it right on the computer.


Big thrills.  Such is the life of a cruise nurse. 

Today I was 3rd call, which means I am essentially off.  Last night I was up from 0100 to 0300 taking care of a drunken fall.  I'm getting the hang of the x-ray thing.  Still some work to do though.  I want to add a few pictures to the blog for those of you who may look and don't have me friended on Facebook.  Just not much time or bandwidth right now and pretty crappy cell phone pictures to boot. 

OH well, the computer isn't going to let me do it I am afraid. I'll throw a big post of pictures later when I am home.  

So today I finished my book and got another one.  I ate some food uhhhh....yeah.  Oh yeah, I hit the gym.  I ran two miles on a treadmill about three miles off the coas of Cuba.  I suppose if I had that run on water thing down like Chun from Remo Williams, I could have made it.  Probably best to stay on the ship though. 

I have made the mistake of turning on the TV a couple of times over the past few days and getting sucked in to movies.  Batman, Matrix and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  The last one there is not a good movie to watch when you are an absent father missing your family.  I became a weeping simp.  S'Ok though, the drunken passengers will pull you right out of that. 

Quite the different crowd than the Delbert McClinton cruise.  And quite different from the non-charter cruise too.  I have yet to do a 'regular' cruise.  I am figuring things out though.  Mostly I just stick to work and my books.  Today I ventured up to see a new friend play in the lounge.  I will have to get out and see some more of the performers I am meeting practice their craft. 

I am amazed at the Phillipino and Indonesian crew members.  They work incredibly hard and are always smiling.  I wish I spoke the language, but the barrier is pretty stout between language and culture. 

The crew calls everyone from medical 'doctor'.  I have been told it is quite a waste of time to correct them as they will smile and say, "OK doctor". 

I'm still learning the ropes.  I'll try to keep the blog updated.  Check back if you don't hear from me.

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