Monday, January 14, 2013


1-10-13 2138 off. And I took it too. On my other days I had been staying in clinic all the time to learn as much as possible, but today I took off. I checked out a new book from the ship's library and sat in bed for pretty much the entire morning. Then I had lunch with the rest of the medical staff. On the advice of the doctor, I sat out on the promenade deck and read in a deck chair. Very nice.

I did get a workout in. Let me just say for the record that deadlifts and squats are hard on a cruise ship. The weight changes as the ship moves up and down and also side to side. And running on a treadmill is tough too. I want to run on the deck, but that is officially prohibited. That means passengers can get away with it, but I can't.

Tomorrow is back to work. It was a nice holiday and I am glad to have had it.

Back to my book.

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