Monday, January 14, 2013



Two go off and two go on. Two weeks left in the contract. Today's number is two. Now, a new LMO and crew MO who has been a LMO. Should be a great opportunity for learning everything I can. I got to talk to Sarah today, which is always wonderful. I miss her smile, her face, her voice, her everything. I even got to talk to Michael for a second or two. He was working on coloring some dragon pictues that were his masterpiece. I love them so much.

So we pulled in early morning and the passengers debarked, disembarked, got off, whatever it is officially that they do. Not much happening in the clinic while all that was going on. We got the end of voyage stuff done the previous night. Then we waited a little bit and started boarding the new passengers. This is another charter cruise-some construction supply company. They loaded an open wheeled race car to the back Lido deck pool. They have an open bar for the whole cruise. This could get ugly.

There are NFL playoff games tonight, two of them. I think I will watch a little tonight then off to bed. Tomorrow we go to Half Moon Cay, the private island owned by Carnival cruise lines. The procedures are different, I will be on the island to start and then trade out with someone. I'll try to take some pictures.

Next trip I will have the good camera.

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