Monday, June 18, 2012


Happy Father's Day to all.

I had to work today.  12 ER hours.  Michael and Max drew me little medals saying #1 dad on them on little chunks of hotel stationary.  I pinned them to my scrubs and wore them all day proudly.  So freaking cute.  I told my patients I won this year.  Last year I came in third place but I knew that if I just buckled down I could do better this year.  Then I thanked the other fathers for a good competition and wished them the best of luck next year.  I had fun with it.

Tired.  Worked four of five days and my one day off was filled with pulling the RV back from the shop and getting it back in the park.  No rest coming either as tomorrow we move back into the house. 

Oh well, no one said it would be easy. 

Also need to get back to training, the Mudder is coming up fast.  I won't be ready but I plan on doing it anyway. 

I finished my first draft and first re write of my first challenge entry on the AFO forums.  Not the best story, but a story.  I am looking forward to critical feedback and hopefully...improvement. 

More tomorrow I suppose.

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