Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Happy Solstice to all who recognize the day in some fashion.

I did my workout routine two days ago.  That is a 2.4 mile run to a park then some exercises in a circuit, then run home.  I had been doing 20 pushups, 60 second plank and 5 chin ups as a rotation and doing that rotation three times.  Two days ago I added a set of box jumps to the rotations.  They were 33 inch jumps to the top of a picnic table.  Each rotation had ten.  Then the 2.4 mile run home.  That added a degree of suck to the return trip.  If you don't know what a box jump is, look here.

So I took yesterday largely off.  We climbed some dunes in the evening and I did some pull ups and chin ups at the park while the kids played.  Today I decided to skip the workout and just run farther.  I planned to run past the park where I workout and up to the top of a hill beyond it. 

From the first step I knew it was different.  There was an ache in what felt like the bones of my lower legs.  Of course, there were the normal aches and pains associated with running, but this was different.  As I passed the first half mile my brain started acting up.

"You know, you should just go to the park.  Plenty far enough.  You might hurt yourself if you keep this up". 

"Seriously, you don't need to workout even.  Hell you should probably turn back now.  You don't need an injury."

"Dude, this sucks.  You have to work tomorrow.  12 hours in the ER on hurting legs is not a good thing.  Head home, rest up and try again on your next day off."

"You know, if you hurt yourself, you are contract.  No work, no pay."

Then I reached the park. 

"OK, that's far enough, just head home."

I kept running. 

I got to the next major intersection at the bottom of the larger hill.

"OK, far enough.  You went farther than you ever have.  That's good enough.  Just turn around and head home."

I kept running. 

About halfway up the hill, my brain finally gave in.  "Fine, if you are set on it, just go."

At the top of the hill is an intersection.  I ran to the other side of the street just as a little screw you to my brain for holding me back.  I turned around and from the top of the hill I could see the dunes where I started.  They were lightly shrouded in mist and they looked oh so far away.  It was beautiful.  Oddly enough I didn't so much think about it being far back as much as I was thinking about how far I had come.  The run home was much easier.  There was no question of how far to run.  Just go.  I drug Satchel for the last mile or so.  In the end it was 6.1miles by my gps.  Not bad, but I can do better.  I'm learning when to ignore my own defeatist inner dialog.  Good lesson, but still much to learn. 

I got home, showered and we went on a small adventure to the small town of Solvang.  It is a small Danish community that is built to resemble a quaint old-fashioned Danish community.  It was nice if a little touristy.  We hiked a short distance down a trail to check out a waterfall.  It was more like a moist cliff than a waterfall.  Oh well.  It was still pretty.   Back to work tomorrow.

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