Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Writer's Group Appears.

Long ago in an Internet corner far away there was a Usenet group.  It died.  And yet it now lives again. There are serious signs of life over at the AFO forums.  A couple of the old school guys and a few new faces have already appeared.  There is a challenge with actual entries. 

It lives.

In other news, I head down to pick up the RV tomorrow.  Turns out they are only going to fix one of the five problems I sent it in for.  I will have to fix one of them myself and the others they say aren't problems.  I am not particularly satisfied with this answer and we may revisit this again.

Well, it is late and I still have to work on my challenge entry.  I can't win, since I set the challenge, but I still want to enter. 

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