Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Have to work tomorrow, so I tried to make today count.  Got up, got some computer stuff done and then took Michael to his Sea Life class.  He really loves it.  Sarah and I sat and watched Max play in a park with other kids while Michael was in his class.  Three hours.  It was good for us all I think.  Then back home for more computer stuff, then dinner, a small workout and the night time preparations. 

A good day.

I am putting too many irons in the fire.  I know it and yet I don't care.  I am interested in each of them and want to see how they pan out.  The latest thing is an addition to the Adventure Nickel website that has nothing to do with the website. 

I used to write short fiction with the possible aim of writing more or even making a living out of writing some day.  There was a Usenet group called Alt.Fiction.Original where a bunch of us wannabe writers got together and helped each other out.  A fairly popular author came out of the group and there were several others who easily could have had they been as persistent in the business side as they were in the writing side.  I went back there after an online conversation with a cousin who is writing.  It is a dead and desolate place where wing nuts post conspiracy theories and spammers reign.  Every 20 posts or so there is a  cry from someone who once gained benefit from the board.  "What happened?" 

I thought what the hell.  I have a website and bandwidth to spare.  So I went out, got some free forum software and installed a forum on the website.  I am actively recruiting writers to come and be a part of what could become again a lively and vibrant community.  There are a few key people in place that will make this an awesome community if people will only show up and contribute.  I figure I can make a go with 10 solid contributors.  We will see.  If not, then I will spend a lot of time writing short stories and critiquing them myself.  Should lead to a healthy schizophrenia. 


Hell, I'm proud from a technical standpoint.  I'm proud that I saw something and didn't just cry about it, but did something.  I'll probably feel silly about it someday, but oh well.  Just add it to the list.

So, if you know any budding writers, send them to the board.  You get what you give. 

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