Sunday, June 10, 2012


Our lifestyle can be a lot of work.  Today we cleaned and packed up Irv and gathered our belongings.  It took two fully laden trips with both vehicles to get everything we needed to the hotel.  But, on the bright side, we doubled the square footage of our living space. 

IT is more expensive to get the RV fixed this way.  We could have easily just gone ahead and told Open Range that we couldn't take the RV in and they said if we couldn't it would be possible to get someone else to come out.  I am banking on the premise that the dealer will do better work and that they will be able to in large part because of a controlled environment in their shop with all their tools. 

Tomorrow I get up early to hook up Irv and drive to Ventura.  While I am doing that, Sarah will be taking the full crew to Avila beach.  Michael has a class at a Sea Life Center from noon to three and we can't leave the dog in the room.  I guess that means she gets to hang out on the dog beach with Satchel and Max.  Sounds relaxing, but I know it will be pretty busy.  Now, time to rest.  I will have to set an alarm for the morning for the first time since Arkansas.  Yuuuuck. 

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