Tuesday, March 12, 2013


First call today, but through the generosity of LMO Chris, I was able to go ashore to take a few photographs and run a special little errand.  I had been wanting to get a few close up shots of the graffiti I photographed last time.  Well, the day was really cloudy and overcast, so the light was awful.  I took them anyway.  Who knows what the weather will be like if I ever get the chance again. 

The errand was, I bought a small wooden carving.  This will be the prize for the challenge in the forums.  Hoepfully it will inspire someone to write something. 

It is turning into a busy first call night.  Two calls during dinner.  I finished up just in time to get to my cabin to watch Lincoln.  Then two more calls during the movie, the last of which resulted in me sitting here until midnight to redraw labs.  Hopefully it will give me time to upload a few pictures.

And the prize. 

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