Thursday, March 14, 2013


The best things about this job, in no particular order.

 - Michael's shout of, 'Whooaaa, awesome!" when he sees something he really likes.
 - Max fist bumping and high-fiving his "A-deck friends"
 - Sarah standing at the railing with the wind blowing through her hair and smiling
 - Sarah and the boys excited, words tumbling over each other to tell me what they did on today's adventure.
 - The kids as Club HAL and Sarah and I get alone time. 
 - Michael getting excited about seeing new animal species, scanning with his binoculors and studying the books.
 - Max so easily making every girl on the ship fall in love with him.

Sensing a theme? 

For those of you who leave your family for an extended time on a regular basis, I don't understand you, at all.  I feel like an idiot right now for not being with mine.  This job isn't really fun without them. 

I'm hoping Miche's arrival and excitement will help. 

As I always say, life is tough, get a helmet. 

I really think I would be better at least somewhat if I had something reliable to write on.  I just feel like a complete waste.  Ugh.

I'll get over it.  This is a personal journal as much as it is a blog.  I don't just record the pretty stuff.

Personal note.  Try to remember, or even write down, the lady who fell into the jacuzzi.  "Almost a widow!"  And the umbrella. 

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